Drug discovery - white paper

Human primary cells and cytotoxicity testing for drug discovery

Drug discovery is a multi-faceted process. The more information researchers have about a potential drug and how it interacts both on and off-target, the more likely it is to successfully reach clinical therapeutic use. Cytotoxicity testing is an essential part of the drug discovery process, and human primary cells represent an effective tool to carry out various toxicity tests.

Read more in our drug discovery white paper about the following topics: 

  • An overview of cytotoxicity testing for drug development
  • Cell-based assays in drug discovery
  • The benefits of primary cells versus cell lines
  • Model cell systems and cytotoxicity tests in:
    • Respiratory drug discovery
    • Tumor drug discovery
    • Cardiovascular drug discovery
    • Dermal drug discovery
  • 3D cell culture techniques
White Paper Drug Discovery

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