Cell Disease Models

PromoCell offers a large selection of cell donors with known disease status suitable for drug discovery and research applications. Our diseased cells feature the same specifications and undergo the same rigid quality control tests as their healthy counterparts from our human primary cell portfolio (marker characterization, growth performance, morphology, etc.). All diseased cell types can be cultured using our matching growth media to ensure optimal growth performance for your experiments.

ra-diabetesDiabetes Type I and II

ra-respiratoryRespiratory Diseases (COPD, Asthma)

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Request Available Donors


Main Advantages

  • All diseased cell types are cryopreserved at the end of the first passage after tissue isolation (with the exception of HCAEC, which are cryopreserved after the second passage)
  • Verified cell identity by cell marker expression and morphology
  • Tested cell growth performance and morphology during several passages for each lot
  • Flexible cell lot/donor reservations