Cancer media toolbox to up-level your cancer research

Find the right media for your assay

We have developed a cancer media toolbox to help you isolate, cultivate long-term, and co-culture your cancer cells.

Our toolbox consists of three media, that support and maintain cancer stem cells in cancer cell cultures. By choosing the suitable medium for your cells of interest, you can control which types of cancer or non-cancer cells to enrich and grow in a heterogeneous cell population. 

Our media also allow you to generate 2D or 3D cell cultures depending on your experiment. 

This enables you to use our cancer toolbox in various applications, ranging from establishing patient-derived cancer cell lines to developing 3D tumor models, establishing in vitro cultures from PDX mouse models, and building screening assays for immunotherapy development.

We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of reliable HLA-typed human primary, blood, and stem cells from various organs to help you test new immunotherapies for off-target effects. Using our HLA-typed human cells from select donors, you can start developing your applications with the HLA-type of interest without the need to perform negative testing. 

promocell cancer media toolbox


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